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New Jersey Climate Change
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The resources you and your school need to effectively teach climate change.

These comprehensive resources are built around the official NJ Student Learning Standards and expand on the work of the New Jersey Department of Education.

Teaching Resources

Search our database by keywords, resource type, grade level, subject, NJ Student Learning Standards, and more. All resources have been reviewed by a scientist and teacher team.

The National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF)

Groundwater and the Rising Seas

This article discusses threats to groundwater resources in the United States.Students will learn how sea level rise...

Hot Mess

Indigenous Communities Are on the Front Lines of Climate Change

This PBS video highlights the importance of knowledge from Indigenous communities about changing climates and adapt...

The American Lung Association

American Lung Association: Particle Pollution

This article provides information about the health risks associated with particulate pollution. Students will learn...

Our World in Data

Per Capita Energy from Fossil Fuels, Nuclear and Renewables

This interactive media shows the per capita energy from fossil fuels, nuclear, and renewables starting from the yea...

Project Look Sharp

Climate: What Can We Change?

In this media literacy activity, students will watch, summarize, and analyze three videos about climate change, glo...

King's Centre for Visualization in Science

Climate Change and the Oceans

In this self-paced lesson, students will learn about the vital role that oceans play in regulating the climate.Stud...


"Saving Planet Earthly": Read Aloud

The children's book Saving Planet Earthly provides a clear introduction to the causes, consequences, and solutions...


Changing Planet: Warming Lakes

This 5-minute video addresses the impact of warming temperatures on major lakes of the world with a specific focus...

Yale Program on Climate Change Communication

Re-representing a Climate Change Story

In this activity, students will choose a 90-second radio story from Yale Climate Connection's extensive library of...


How Oysters Can Stop a Flood

This video describes the benefits of oyster reefs for erosion control and preventing damage from strong storms and...

Professional Learning

Find the right professional learning opportunity for you or your school, whether it is support for curriculum development or foundational knowledge about climate change.

American Museum of Natural History

Climate Change and New Jersey

This four-part, self-paced, interactive course provides information about the climate system and climate change in...


Controversy in the Classroom: Strategies for Managing Climate Change Discourse

This article provides techniques for educators to address climate change in the classroom while encouraging open co...

MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative

Climate Science, Risk & Solutions: Climate Knowledge for Everyone

This engaging interactive course outlines the causes, impacts, and solutions to climate change. It confronts the st...

New Jersey Audubon

Curriculum Development by Grade Band (K-2, 3-5, MS, HS) [In Person]

Teachers will explore the interdisciplinary NJSLS that specifically reference climate change to connect observable...


Teaching Climate

This guide is designed to help middle and high school science teachers incorporate climate topics into their classr...


Teaching Climate (Spanish)

This Teaching Climate (Spanish Translation) guide is designed to help middle and high school science teachers incor...

Presidio Graduate School

Teaching Climate Change Essentials

This nine-week professional development program is a comprehensive online course supplying teachers with the skills...

Project Drawdown

Climate Solutions 101

This six-part video series on climate solutions is hosted by Jonathan Foley, Executive Director of Project Drawdown...


Fundamental Concepts: Connecting Elementary Science Topics to Climate

The US Global Change Research Program has identified several Climate and Energy Literacy Principles that are critic...

Presidio Graduate School

Teaching Extreme Weather

This four-week program is designed to enhance K-12 science teachers’ understanding of the factors that contribute t...